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Awake is the story of police detective Michael Britten, played by Jason Isaacs. Following a tragic car accident, in which his son Rex (Dylan Minnette) and wife Hannah (Laura Allen) are passengers, his life diverges into two separate, parallel perceptions of reality. He switches between the two upon closing his eyes to rest. It is possible that one of the two worlds is a dreamland but he finds them both equally substantive. Despite this phenomenon, he steadfastly continues both his detective career and in his role as a family man. To help remind himself which reality he's in, he wears a green rubber band on his wrist in one and a red one in the other.

In one reality, his son is his co-survivor of the accident. He continues raising the teenager as a widower. At work, he continues on with his veteran partner, Detective Freeman (Steve Harris), on the condition that he attend psychotherapy sessions with the gentle Dr. Judith Evans (Cherry Jones).

Meanwhile, in the other reality, Michael and wife mourn the loss of their son, following the accident. The police force has him paired with the rookie Detective Vega (Wilmer Valderrama) and orders him to see the relatively confrontational Dr. John Lee (B.D. Wong).

As Britten becomes accustomed to the strange dichotomy between two versions of his life, he deals with many conflicts. His wife and son strive to heal after the loss of one another. His therapists each try to convince him that the other is not real. His partners and other fellow officers question his intuitive, new approach to police-work that he secretly bases on signs from the other reality.

The plot thickens when, unknown to Britten, members of a cover-up conspiracy confer about the implications of his accident.

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Red reality Green reality
Michael Britten

Hannah Britten

Rex Britten
Detective Vega (Britten's partner) Officer Vega
Detective Freeman (moved to another precinct)Detective Freeman (Britten's partner)
Dr. John Lee Dr. Judith Evans
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