"The accident" is the key event behind the premise of Awake and the catalyst of Michael Britten's condition. Taking place in flashback snippets and alluded to in dialogue, it appears to have been a rollover automobile wreck caused by the vehicle careening off of a hillside road in wet weather onto grassy terrain below.

AWK 02

Left to right: Michael Britten, Rex Britten, and Hannah Britten in their crashed vehicle. Who really died?

Established Facts Edit

All indications are that Britten was behind the wheel (presumably of his own car), that Hannah Britten rode in the passenger seat, and that Rex Britten was in the back seat at the time the car crashed. Official reports blame Britten himself for driving while intoxicated.

Britten vehemently denies having drank anything yet claims a gap in his memory concerning the true circumstances. There is one shot of him standing over the hillside looking down but it is unknown when in the sequence of events this is.

In one conspiracy scene, characters discuss how a "little guy" had a hand in causing the accident.

Divergence and Mysteries Edit

Britten apparently survives the accident and begins to perceive two distinct versions of reality. In one, Rex was the sole fatality of the accident. In the other, Hannah was.