Rex's Girlfriend
Portrayed By
Daniela Bobadilla

Emma (NLN) is a promising high school student employed part time at a store called Book World, daughter of Angela and Joaquin. She has college ambition toward East Coast campuses. Having had a nearly year-long relationship with Rex, she becomes one of his principal mourners in one reality but continues as his girlfriend (with one brief breakup) in the world where he lives on.

Background and Secret Pregnancy Edit

In one of their earliest intimate encounters, Rex persuaded Emma to proceed unprotected. Following that, Rex apologized. The couple resumed safe sex practices at Emma's behest but it turned out they had already conceived a child.

As Rex's fate diverged following the car accident he underwent, so did the course of Emma's impending maternity. Emma herself did not know until she was four months along, sometime after the car accident.

Role in the Brittens' Lives Edit

Emma continues on with her relationship to Rex, keeping the secret of his motorcycle and broadening his range of interests. She is honest with her "progressive" parents about her sexual exploration. (This comes as a surprise to Rex, who is historically slow to tell his parents about his girlfriends.)

When Rex introduces her to Michael for the first time, Emma delights both of them by saying she likes the man. At the conclusion of their first dinner out, she hugs Michael goodbye.

Upon discovering that she's over four months' pregnant, he succumbs to fear of the future. She breaks up with Rex, ostensibly over him ogling one Cassie Anderson at school.

Meanwhile, the pregnancy is ended of unspecified causes. She sadly tries to continue on with her life.

One scene finds her trying to focus on a driving test. As she waits behind the wheel for an instructor, Rex intrudes in the car, armed with interrogation tactics he heard from his cop father. Emma tearfully confesses about the ill-fated baby.

With the truth in the open, Emma and Rex forgive one another and resume dating.

Of course, it's an altogether different story in the reality where Rex died.

Deeply mourning Rex's fate, Emma attends both his funeral service and a memorial dedication in his honor. She tries to get on with her life but comes to discover that she's over four months along in pregnancy by Rex.

She's too mortified to tell anyone until, to her great surprise, Michael finds her just off campus with friends and requests a moment alone. As tactfully as possible, Michael puts forth a guess that she is pregnant. Emma hugs him in relief that a supportive, nonjudgmental person somehow knows her secret.

She concurrently tells her own parents and they talk it over at length. They persuade Emma to put the baby up for closed adoption so she can focus on her education and her life ahead. They proceed and soon find a suitable foster home.

Then a meeting with Michael and Hannah is arranged. They want maximum involvement in the baby's life but Angela and Joaquin tell her of the adoption plan. Emma complacently agrees with her parents.

One day at work, Emma gets a visit by Hannah with the gift of a glass water bottle (healthier than any plastic container for expectant mothers). Their talk shortly becomes an argument because Hannah suspects that Emma is not being honest about her feelings. Emma calls Hannah selfish and sends her away upset.

Later, Emma reconsiders Hannah's sentiments. She calls the Brittens to reconcile and accept their offers of support. Knowing her parents disapprove, she runs away from home to the Brittens' care.

In time, Emma earns her mother Angela's agreement by sharing pictures from the ultrasound. Following a heart-to-heart with Michael, Joaquin also reconciles himself to Emma keeping her baby.

With all four grandparents' support, Emma looks forward to a stable foundation for raising a child.