The green reality is one of the two universes that detective Michael Britten co-exists in alongside the red reality . The green reality is named this due to Britten wearing a green wristband, which is his son's favorite colour, along with the fact that the reality has a more darker and grim colour tone compared to the red reality. The primary difference between the green reality and the red reality is that Rex Britten survived the car accident that claimed the life of his mother Hannah.


While there are many differences between the green and red realities, the series focuses on the main difference between the two, which is the fate of Rex and Hannah during the Britten family accident. While Hannah survived in the red reality, at the cost of Rex dying, in the green reality Rex survived. After the accident, Britten began switching between the two realities every time be sleeps.

Because of the numerous differences in the green reality that happened, it is unclear what exactly is the point of divergence. However, it is possible the the earliest difference is that in the green reality, Kate's mother chose to give up on trying to reach her daughter after a tragic accident. As a result, Kate's life turned out for the worse, becoming a drug addict and accomplice to a murder.

In the green reality, Britten remains partnered to Bird Freeman and sees