Michael Britten
Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) 595

Michael Britten is a Detective, who (after a tragic and violent car accident) began verging between two realities: One in which his wife survived and one in which his son survived. Britten wears a red rubber band on his wrist in one reality, and he wears a green rubber band in the other reality. His wife is alive in the red world, while his son lives in the green world. He informed his wife of his apparent dreams in which Rex was still alive. She was quick to discourage him telling her after the pain it caused her. Rex turned to a new sport, tennis, taking after his mother to cope with her death. His coach, Tara, became a mother-like figure, helping him grieve.


Tragic AccidentEdit

While driving along with his wife and son, Michael's vehicle fell down a hill and crashed upside down.

Home RenovationEdit

After Rex's death, Hannah began renovating their home. Though she hardly showed it, she felt great pain and grievance over the death of Rex and was saddened by the thought of his empty room upstairs.

Rex's New SportEdit

After his mother died, Rex switched from the football team to the tennis team, taking after his mother's interest in the sport. With coaching and support from Tara, Rex found a way to cope with his mother's passing.

During a case, Michael asked for a few hours off to watch his son play. During the match, he spoke with Tara and learned about Rex's behavior. Rex soon won the match, making Michael and Tara proud.

Soon after it's end, Rex fell to his knees in sorrow and began to cry. Michael and Tara approached him, with Michael watching as he hugged Tara.

Hannah's SupportEdit

After solving the case, Michael and Hannah were in bed together, with Michael ready to sleep. Hannah leaned over to him and asked him to if he'll see Rex that night. He confirmed her thoughts and she told him to tell Rex she loved him. Michael agreed before closing his eyes.